Thursday, November 17, 2005

Pandit Kedar Sharma of Jaipur

The moment Pandit Kedar Sharma, an academic-astrologer, sees a person he tells him his date, time and place of birth. In some cases he also tells the name of the father. He makes calculations on his fingertips and within a minute, he writes down the accurate time, date and place of one’s birth.

Pandit Kedar Sharma argues that astrology is a mathematical science based on calculations and the planetary positions. He asserts that the planets and stars have a definite and decisive impact on the life and personality of people and astrologers only draw their observations on the basis of mathematic calculations.

Pandit Kedar Sharma is a doctorate in economics and has published a book Dynamics of Industrial Finance and Development Banks, which is a research work on developmental banking. He teaches economics in a Jaipur college and prefers to maintain low profile away from the media glare.

As a matter of principle he does not accept money for all he does. In fact he does not accept anything whether in cash or kind. “I am a teacher and earn my livelihood from teaching. This (astrology) is my hobby and by the grace of Almighty I have been able to make accurate calculations”, he explains, adding “without the divine grace I will not be able to calculate anything”. In case anyone insists on offering something to him he advises to donate it to some temple.

Dr. Kedar Sharma was the proud recipients of the Harit Rashi Award (State Level). He has contributed in awakening society through the medium of Indian Astrology, Vedic Culture, the ancient 'Shastras' and 'Karm Kand'.